acctstoptime updated without acctterminatedcause

Luc Zimmermann luc.zimmermann at
Wed Jun 20 10:25:20 CEST 2018

Hi everybody,

I use coova chilli as captive portal and freeradius for users 
authentications and I have problems with freeradius that I can't 
reproduce unfortunatly for now.

in raddact table i can see sometimes some rows with an acctstoptime not 
NULL but the acctterminatedcause is blank (not null... blank, empty) and 
i think that problem didn't close the connection on the nasid.

more stange (or not... maybe it's linked), approx 50% of that problems 
have an acctupdateinterval greater than the stop interval.

where do you think this could come from ?

I use coova 1.3.2 on openwrt/lede & freeradius 3.14 on a dedicated 
server (debian 9).



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