Stripping the calling station id

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Jun 22 14:51:07 CEST 2018

On Jun 22, 2018, at 8:46 AM, Kefi Ammar . <kefiammar at> wrote:
> Thank you for responding but,
> FR is acting the same and I always get a reject from the checkval module
> because the Calling-Station-Id is still the same :
> rlm_checkval: Item Name: Calling-Station-Id, Value: lag-50:1201.0#BNG
> Kasbah###pppoe 94:a7:b7:3e:93:5b#
> rlm_checkval: Value Name: Calling-Station-Id, Value: 94:a7:b7:3e:93:5b
> ++[checkval] returns reject

  READ the debug output.  It's not difficult.

> I know it's the problem of the NAS but I can't change that infortunately so
> I have to adjust my server to that form.

  The solution I gave you will work.

> So could you please give me a detailed solution for this

  I did.

  Now read, AND

  Alan DeKok.

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