best performance alternative using multiple virtual server to bound IP/port

Philemon Jaomalaza philemon.jaomalaza at
Mon Jun 25 10:35:06 CEST 2018

Hello Dear,


I need to decide a structure of my deplyement,


what the best practice and give best performance and memory usage if I want
to have a separate service per client :

- define multiple virtual servers with one global "listen" section IP/port
for all virtual server.

- define multiple virtual servers and each server has its listen section
IP/port difffrent

- define single virtual servers and use if ....elsif....else to select the
proper sql module.


One Nas will use one virtual and server It can have more than 50 NAS and
arround 20 to 50  simultanews connexion by NAS.


Philemon Jaomalaza


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