AW: IP Camera does not work properly with 802.1X and 3COM 5500 Switch

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Thanks to everyone so far, that is a lot of information in a short time. Haven't expected that much so fast😉.

As @Aarran implied, I assume that you can go around MBA with mac spoofing and the use of certificates is more secure in general right? Additional to that, we are reselling these cameras and therefore we need to ensure that this feature does work.

I have a more or less hot wire to the camera manufacturer, therefore I will ask for some more information about the actual implementation as suggested.

Besides that, @Arran, you wrote that I should use a  "credential based EAP-Method". Do I have to set this in the RADIUS as a user attribute, or do you expect a setting in the camera firmware. If it’s the later, there is no such setting. For the camera to use 802.1X I have to provide a CA certificate, a client certificate, a private key and I can set an identity with a private key password. I cannot leave out the certificates as the firmware would not let me activate 802.1x then.

Of course, the log of the camera does not show anything related to 802.1X and I also cannot have terminal access to the camera to directly look up the files as its not one of the "cheap" IP cams and there is no terminal access over telnet or ssh. Probably I can somehow get a debug firmware somewhere with SSH activated, I have to look for this.

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> On Jun 29, 2018, at 9:47 AM, Arran Cudbard-Bell <a.cudbardb at> wrote:
>> On Jun 29, 2018, at 9:43 AM, Vacheslav <m_zouhairy at> wrote:
>> Why don't you just use mab for stupid devices?
> Would you want to allow essentially unauthenticated access to the VLAN dealing with CCTV feeds and possibly building locks/other alarm systems?
> -Arran

As for the NAK, it's likely you don't have the certificates available on the camera to do EAP-TLS and that's why it's failing.

Switch to a credential based EAP-Method or install the right certs.


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