How its works and How to use Framed-ip-address

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Nov 2 21:04:43 CET 2018

On Nov 2, 2018, at 3:14 PM, One Zero Art <onezeroartapps at> wrote:
> How do I check if server received  Framed-IP-Address in the Access-Request?

  Read the debug output.

> I have ip address in radreply table with the username.

  Then it should be in the reply, too.

  Just read the debug output to see what it's doing.

> Can you please explain a bit

  Ask a *specific* question.  I'm not going to explain all of how the server works in one email.  The server comes with extensive documentation that describes what it does and how it works.

  Alan DeKok.

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