MSCHAPv2 Module with Stripped-Username - no ActiveDirectory

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Fri Nov 9 23:54:21 CET 2018

Hi Alan, 

thank you very much for the fast answer! :)

I thought it‘s not possible to put the otp in the password-attribute, as it comes as an mschap challenge, and not in cleartext - so the server cant match the password  anymore?!

Is it possible to modify the eap identity before its getting to the eap module?

I got a similar setup working with AD, but I call the ntlm_auth with a stripped-username there, thats why it is working there.


Best regards 

> Am 09.11.2018 um 23:25 schrieb Alan DeKok <aland at>:
>> On Nov 9, 2018, at 5:01 PM, Markus Maurer <lists at> wrote:
>> Hi everybody,
>> I'd like to build an IPSec IKEV2 VPN with 2-factor authentication over EAP-Radius and MSCHAPv2.
>> The OTP should be placed in the "User-Name" attribute with a ":" as seperator. 
>> e.g.: <username>:<otp> - johndoe:123456
>  That's not recommended.  It's much easier to put the OTP into the password.
>> In the authorize section the User-Name attribute get splitted in two parts:
>> "Stripped-Username"
>> and
>> "User-OTP"
>> if ( &User-Name =~ /^(.*):([0-9]{6})$/) {
>>               update request {
>>                        Stripped-User-Name := "%{1}"
>>                        User-OTP := "%{2}"
>>             }
>>       }
>> The first step is to authenticate the username with otp over rlm_perl.
>> If the first step succeeds, the eap module will be called and makes an mschapv2 authentication over sql (cleartext password).
>> And here is my problem. Whenever I get to this step, I get the following error:
>> "rlm_eap: Identity does not match User-Name, setting from EAP identity"
>  When EAP happens, the server gets the users name as both the User-Name and as an EAP-Identitity.  The two need to match.
>> The eap module uses the original username (johndoe:123456) and password for the mschap challenge.
>  That should work, I think.
>> Is there any way to use the "Stripped-Username" for mschap without executing ntlm_auth? I dont need to authenticate against AD.
>  No.  MS-CHAP uses the *whole* User-Name for authentication.  That's how MS-CHAP works.
>  Alan DeKok.
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