MSCHAPv2 Module with Stripped-Username - no ActiveDirectory

Matthew Newton mcn at
Mon Nov 12 12:35:19 CET 2018

On Mon, 2018-11-12 at 10:43 +0000, Adam Bishop wrote:
> On 12 Nov 2018, at 10:09, Markus Maurer <lists at> wrote:
> > You *cannot* make this work using MSCHAP and AD.It is working.
> Did you send the right debug log? That shows a user being
> authenticated from a cleartext password in the users file and the
> stripped-user-name not being discarded:
>   Debug: (1) mschap: Found Cleartext-Password, hashing to create NT-Password
>   Debug: (1) mschap: Found Cleartext-Password, hashing to create LM-Password
>   Debug: (1) mschap: Creating challenge hash with username: johndoe:123456

Which is exactly what Alan said could be done right back at the start
of the thread yesterday:

On 2018-11-11 at 16:46 +0000, Alan DeKok wrote:
> If the users name and password is in SQL, then it's possible.  Look
> up the user in SQL based on the Stripped-User-Name (which is the
> default).  And, do the MS-CHAP calculations based on the real
> User-Name (which is also the default).


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