Freeradius 3.0.17 Unable to connect mssql database with iodbc

Giovanni Di Giorgio gioele01 at
Sat Nov 17 13:42:26 CET 2018


>You've defined an IP address in the ini file ... In FR you've just got the
>name 'test'. C and n your server resolve that to an IP address eg can you
>'dig test' (or 'ping test' and see an IP address that matches your initial

"test" is the name of the data source, not the hostname of the mssql server
and I think that freeradius uses this reference at startup, if the "iodbc"
driver has been set in the "sql" configuration file. Infact if i set ,in
the "server" parameter, any value other than "test" I get:
rlm_sql_iodbc: SQLConnectfailed
rlm_sql_iodbc: IM002: [iODBC] [Driver Manager] Data source name not found
and no default driver specified. Driver could not be loaded
However I tried to set up the server so that it could resolve the hostname
"test" with the ip of the mssql server, but nothing has changed.

I checked with tcpdump.
During the startup of freeradius (freeradius -X), no connection attempt
from radius server to mssql server appears, .
If I use the command:
isql -v test sa *****
I can see connection from radius server to mssql serve on port 1433.


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