FreeRadius with link-local addresses

Alan DeKok aland at
Sun Nov 18 23:45:53 CET 2018

On Nov 18, 2018, at 4:42 PM, Ντέντος Σταύρος <stdedos at> wrote:
> I am trying to authenticate using a link-local IPv6 address.
> I was reading
> but I assume it is old already?

  The comments there should still be correct.
> ..
> Ignoring request to auth address :: port 1812 bound to server default from
> unknown client 'fe80::link-local-ipv6-address' port 45077 proto udp
> Ready to process requests

  Link local IPv6 addresses are link local in scope.  i.e. only for a particular interface.

  Is FreeRADIUS listening on only that interface?

> I already have the clients setup correctly and they work:
> client LinkLocal {
>  ipv6addr    = fd80::/16

  fd80::/16 != fe80::16

  Maybe try using fe80?

> I would prefer a solution of 2.2.8 FreeRadius, but I could consider
> updating.

  2.2.8 is end of life.  We don't track down problems or fix bugs for it.

  Everyone should really be using the latest stable release.  v3.0 was release 5 years ago.  There just isn't any good reason to use v2.

  Alan DeKok.

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