forcing EAP-type based on client/request

Kacper Wirski kacper.wirski at
Mon Nov 19 20:04:53 CET 2018


For quite some time I've been using freeradius (3.0.17 right now - 
installed from network radius packages on centos 7.5). I've been using 
it for 802.1x eap-peap mostly.

I decided to expand my uses for RADIUS. The issue I ran into is that 
some of the devices/applications, that could benefit from more 
centralised RADIUS AA:

- don't tell which "eap-type" they want to use

- use only what's set as "default" in /mods-available/eap

- require different eap types (one works only when using default = md5, 
other only when deafult = mschapv2) - so it's mutually exclusive.

Those devices/applications have no way of setting eap-type, so right now 
with my knowle

Before writing this message I did look in the documentation, but I'm 
probably not experienced enough, to make much sense of it.

What I understand is that, what should happen is this:

- client  either explicitly tells which eap-types it wants to use (like 
with windows, I can explicitly choose eap-peap with mschapv2 for 
example), or sends just eap-identity, and freeradius starts offering 
types that are configured, then client/radius come into "agreement" 
which type to use.

With those devices in radius debug it looks basically like this: there's 
eap-identity frame, radius tries using what's set as default, and it 
either works (if it's what client expected) or fails (if it expected 
other eap-type).

I have in "eap" module enabled both mschpav2 and md5 and peap, but there 
can be only one "default" type.

So what I was thinking, that maybe there's a way to set "eap-type" based 
on request? In documentation about default eap setting I read that "it's 
used, when eap-type wasn't set already by another module or just 
eap-identity was sent". That got me thinking that there might be some 
way "in another module" to force EAP-type based on coming request?

So please, If there is something obvious that I'm missing, please point 
that out, I'm open to anything (except for maybe setting another FR 
server just to use different EAP-default setting and split client 
devices between those, that seems like an overkill to me?)



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