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Thu Apr 4 13:53:57 CEST 2019


since people are discussing onboarding tools such as eduroam CAT on this
list recently, this is a good moment to announce that such an onboarding
tool is *freely available* for *every* deployer of Entprise WiFi / IEEE

We have re-launched the tool formerly known under on the domain

with a major new version from upstream (CAT 2.0) and with a new business

Every feature we have online is entirely free to use now!

I.e. Freemium has gone away. We've replaced this with a PayPal donate
button in case you want to help us in continued operation of the service.

We still don't support Android yet (even if the web service codebase
can) because we will need a dedicated App in Google Play for that, and
that takes time and resources. A donation would help speeding this up,
but no pressure :-)


Stefan Winter

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