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> I've scanned some of the executables created by this site and 3 out of 10
> virus scanners found something so I'm wary of this. Do they have any
> security certifications?

You should try VirusTotal. A file I just downloaded has 8 out of 70
engines thinking there's something special.

*All* of which classify it only because of heuristics. "Suspicious"
"heuristic" "generic" "80% confidence" etc are the terms used.

Our installers change delicate system settings, including writing into
the registry, in a reg key dealing with passwords. But that's because we
set Wi-Fi passwords, and that is where Windows stores them.

It sometimes happens that virus scanners see this behaviour and freak
out. It is indeed a pity, but nothing we can do much about. Not doing
these system modifications means not doing our job.

Maybe it helps you to see that the overwhelming majority of detection
engines, including almost all the major ones shows a green checkmark:

As a further datapoint, the upstream code we use for installer
generation (eduroam CAT) signs executables with an EV code signing
certificate, while we don't, and for good reasons. That makes upstream's
virus scanner reports a little more green than ours.

If none of the above explanations help you, and you are still wary, the
only remaining advice I can then give you is: don't use the installers.
Nobody's forcing you to.


Stefan Winter

> On Thu, Apr 4, 2019 at 9:37 AM Matt Zagrabelny <mzagrabe at> wrote:
>> On Thu, Apr 4, 2019 at 8:29 AM Alan DeKok <aland at>
>> wrote:
>>> On Apr 4, 2019, at 9:17 AM, Matt Zagrabelny <mzagrabe at> wrote:
>>>> I looked briefly at the pages but didn't find a license that the
>> software
>>>> is released under.
>>>> What is the license of the tool/software?
>>>   The tool is a web site.  So you're not downloading that.
>>>   What you download is usually a configuration file.  e.g. for iOS / OSX,
>>> an XML "mobileconfig" file.  There are no license issues with a
>>> configuration file.
>> Got it. Thanks!
>> -m
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