3.0.18: operator = not behaving as expected after proxying to virtual server

stefan.winter at restena.lu stefan.winter at restena.lu
Sat Apr 6 12:26:51 CEST 2019


I have a setup where a proxied-to virtual server sets the attribute  
Session-Timeout with := and then the calling server sets it subsidiary  
to a different value with = in post-proxy.

The reply_log for both servers shows that the first value is set ok,  
but the second = operator *adds* the Session-Timeout attribute a  
second time.

This effectively leads to FreeRADIUS sending back a malformed packet  
because it now contains two Session-Timeout attributes.

The reply_log/post_proxy_log contents look like this:

Sat Apr  6 12:17:25 2019
         Packet-Type = Access-Reject
         Session-Timeout = 604800 <-- as set with :=
         Timestamp = 1554545845

Sat Apr  6 12:17:25 2019
         Packet-Type = Access-Reject
         Cisco-Account-Info = "ASERVICE_INTERNET-DEFAULT"
         Session-Timeout = 86400 <-- extra addition in post-proxy
         Idle-Timeout = 7200
         Session-Timeout = 604800 <-- should prevail
         Timestamp = 1554545845

The post-proxy configuration of the caller is:

post-proxy {
         update reply {
                 Cisco-Account-Info = "ASERVICE_INTERNET-DEFAULT",
                 Session-Timeout = 86400,
                 Idle-Timeout = 7200

This seems to be a bug: Session timeout is already set, and the =  
operator should refrain from changing the existing value. And also, it  
should detect that it is doing something non-RFC compliant by adding  
it twice.

The actual reply as seen by radtest is:

Received Access-Reject Id 196 from to length 71
         Cisco-Account-Info = "ASERVICE_INTERNET-DEFAULT"
         Session-Timeout = 86400
         Idle-Timeout = 7200
         Session-Timeout = 604800
(0) -: Expected Access-Accept got Access-Reject

So the incorrect attribute list actually made it onto the wire.


Stefan Winter

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