Daily usage Limitation,

myxmail1919 at yahoo.com myxmail1919 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 11 11:16:28 CEST 2019

im still busy with configuring freeradius to limit users,anyone can help please ?I have to limit daily usage for all users to 3 hours per day,There is no pre-defined users , have MAC-based access control and allow everyone to connect, and need to limit daily usage to 3 hours per day, As I know I can run a SQL query to authenticate user, need to know how !!  sql query have made to check SUM(acctsessiontime)  but don’t know where and how to limit Max-Daily-Session for users ! Have no Database for users  ! have to run sql query  to che SUM of Acct session time per day and if not more than 10.800 seconds permit user to log in. have not much experience in freeradius,I don’t know where to set counters !  and where have to set sql authentication ! and etc …Every search result just telling me how to limit a pre-defined users, but didn’t find anything for not pre-defined users ! 

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