Radacct Reused ?

Oscar oscar at jofre.com
Tue Apr 16 23:51:40 CEST 2019



I've created a Trigger to save on a new table the las time a user has been
stop connection (acctstoptime).


So I've createad table and created this trigger:


                create TRIGGER UpdateStopTime AFTER UPDATE ON radacct

                FOR EACH ROW 


                               INSERT into usuario_instalacion_stoptime (

u.department as user,u.company as insta,if(r.acctstoptime is
null,now(),r.acctstoptime) stoptime 

                                                                from radacct
r,userinfo u where r.username=u.username  and r.radacctid=NEW.radacctid

                               ) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE
stoptime=if(NEW.acctstoptime is null,now(),NEW.acctstoptime) ;





But now I'm facing that sems that radius rows from the past are beeign used
on the present


I mean, my radacctid is now arround 37.000.000


And I can see a user autheticated and updating a really old row:
accstoptime=09-2018 and beeing update today with accstarttime=04-2019




How is that possible ?


Is it correct ?




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