Radacct Reused ?

Oscar oscar at jofre.com
Fri Apr 19 23:39:51 CEST 2019


>>  The debug output shows you when / where it's calculated.

I'm running on a production environment can't run radiusd -X. Can you help me on where it is calculated ?

>>  Why not upgrade to 3.0.19?

When I migrate to AWS I jump from centos 7 to Amazon Linux
	ID_LIKE="centos rhel fedora"
	PRETTY_NAME="Amazon Linux 2"

I did try to compile and install I think it was 3.0.17 by the time I did the migration but could not fix compile errors and I did install the repo version 3.0.13
I think still the same version on the repo.

I did check logs changes from 3.0.13 to 3.0.19 and couldn't see anything from any fix about 'acctuniqueid'. 

Do you think the version 3.0.13 could be the problem on the reuse of 'acctuniqueid' ?


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On Apr 18, 2019, at 7:24 PM, Oscar <oscar at jofre.com> wrote:
> I don't understand what you mean. My freeradius is on default configuration (as far as I know) version 3.0.13

  You asked about why the information in SQL was wrong, and mentioned the added trigger.  It should not be a surprise that the response is "maybe the problem is the trigger".

> And yestarday I got from freeradius an insert with same acctsessionid, acctstoptime:
> 20190417 19:42:18,ip-10-10-2-197,radius,,46429987,224924771,QUERY,radius,'INSERT INTO radacct (acctsessionid, acctuniqueid, username, realm, nasipaddress, nasportid, nasporttype, acctstarttime, acctupdatetime, acctstoptime, acctsessiontime, acctauthentic, connectinfo_start, connectinfo_stop, acctinputoctets, acctoutputoctets, calledstationid, callingstationid, acctterminatecause, servicetype, framedprotocol, framedipaddress) VALUES (\'80a00001\', \'6cf28675aa2c38a046d7f46f65e36e72\', \'SwB_120669_ins_425_E8:11:32:E3:77:AF\', \'\', \'\', \'bridge-hs\', \'Wireless-802.11\', FROM_UNIXTIME(1555530138), FROM_UNIXTIME(1555530138), NULL, \'0\', \'\', \'\', \'\', \'0\', \'0\', \'4AC704E1E050\', \'E8:11:32:E3:77:AF\', \'\', \'\', \'\', \'\')',1062
> This insert fails due to duplicate key.
> Error Code: 1062. Duplicate entry '6cf28675aa2c38a046d7f46f65e36e72' for key 'acctuniqueid'

  It would have helped to say this at the start.  If the trigger isn't relevant, you shouldn't have mentioned it.

> And then the updates comes:
> 20190417 19:42:18,ip-10-10-2-197,radius,,46429987,224924772,QUERY,radius,'UPDATE radacct SET acctstarttime = FROM_UNIXTIME(1555530138), acctupdatetime = FROM_UNIXTIME(1555530138), connectinfo_start = \'\' WHERE AcctUniqueId = \'6cf28675aa2c38a046d7f46f65e36e72\'',0
> Can you help me to know how is calculated the 'acctuniqueid' to see why appears duplicated ?

  The debug output shows you when / where it's calculated.

> Maybe it is important to share that the freeradius has been working on a server machine the last 2 years and we migrate to a new machine, we move from the old machine to the new all database and we update version from freeradius 3.0.10 on the old machine to 3.0.13 on the new machine.

  Why not upgrade to 3.0.19?

  It will fix all known problems.

  Alan DeKok.

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