Issue while installing free radius

Alan DeKok aland at
Sat Apr 20 15:40:04 CEST 2019

On Apr 20, 2019, at 8:53 AM, Surya Teja <suryateja042 at> wrote:
> Thanks for suggestion and i have followed the steps as per documentation
> from  installed free radius and the tested with same example
> given, its working fine.

  That's good.

> [root at nusalxsl0983 ~]# radtest testing password 0 testing123

  We don't need to see that.

> but i have few other integration which needs changes in few configuration
> files
> I am trying to configure the cova chilli with freeradius for captive portal
> as a result of it i need to integrate mysql  with freeradius
> and need to change the secret key of freeradius default one(testing123) to
> that of  mysql free radius user password
> as suggested in forum i have modified the secrekey on following config files
> *1)sudo vi /etc/raddb/mods-available/sql*
> Uncomment and or change the following parameters:
> driver = "rlm_sql_mysql"
> dialect = ”mysql”
> server = "localhost"
> port = 3306
> login = "*FREERADIUS_DB_USER*"
> password = "*FREERADIUS_DB_PASS*"
> read_clients = yes

  If you add that, you should also put client information into SQL.

> *2)sudo vi /etc/raddb/clients.conf*
> Change the password to the password used above for FreeRadius MySQL
> database:
> *secret* = [*FREERADIUS_DB_PASS*]

  That is 100% the wrong thing to do.  Nothing in the documentation suggests that you put the database password into the "clients.conf" file.  The secret here is for the RADIUS shared secret.

> updated above and restarted freeradius server and tried the same above
> test case of with new password (secret key)now i am getting exception
> in radiusd.log

  Stop wasting everyones time.  You were told to look at the debug output.  Why are you refusing to do that?

  If you run the server in debug mode, it will tell you which clients it's creating.  You don't need to look at the log file.

> can i know is the this secret key needs to be updated in any other
> configuration files, any idea or suggestion will be more helpful
> Any help can be appreciated.

  Follow the documentation.  Read the configuration files.  It's all pretty clear if you *read* it.

  Alan DeKok.

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