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Fri Apr 26 13:26:45 CEST 2019

On 26/04/19 4:13 PM, Alan DeKok wrote:
> On Apr 26, 2019, at 3:06 AM, Sudheer Satyanarayana <sudheer at> wrote:
>> I am trying to use the Simultaneous-Use feature of FreeRADIUS.
>> I have some questions regarding
>> I am using SQL and I have set Simultaneous-Use to 1 with the := operator. I can see this in debug output.
>    That's good.
>> Is the implementation notes regarding radutmp valid for SQL too?
>    Which notes?


   The server keeps a list of logged-in users in the /var/log/radutmp file.
This is also called "the session database".


This notes ^.

>> I have verified that simul_count_query and simul_verify_query are syntactically correct. When I execute them manually, I see some SQL results in PostgreSQL console.
>> I tried to run radcheck like this:
>> checkrad -d other 0 testuser01 'ACA31EB30AD1-70BBE9363CBC-5CC2A65E-8DAD3'
>> Returning 1 (double detected)
>    Because it *always* returns "1" for type "other".
>> I am using Aruba NAS. I do not know what NAS-Type to use. I tried 'other' and it doesn't seem to have any effect.
>> Should I be looking at getting checkrad to work first before doing anything else? If so, any tips to get this to work with Aruba NAS would be appreciated.
Do you recommend using a particular NAS type in the radcheck command for 
>> At the moment, FreeRADIUS allows login from two devices at the same time for the same user. I am not sure what approach to take here. Some guidance would be appreciated.
>    Simultaneous-Use only works if the NAS sends accounting packets.  This is made clear in section 5 of the document you read.
>    So is the NAS sending accounting packets?

Yes, the NAS is sending accounting packets.



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