freeradius monitoring

Satish Patel satish.txt at
Mon Apr 29 22:43:18 CEST 2019


I am reading this page and
trying to configure freeradius monitoring, seems like i am missing

somehow i don't have /etc/raddb/mods-available/status file because i
have install freeradius using yum install

finally after google i found sample status file and i put that in
mods-enabled directory and now i am getting this error

Failed to link to module 'rlm_server':
/usr/lib64/freeradius/ cannot open shared object file:
No such file or directory

Now my question is by default radiusd.conf has status_server = yes so
any client can query so i have try following and i got this reply.

[root at radius]# echo "Message-Authenticator = 0x00,
FreeRADIUS-Statistics-Type = 1, Response-Packet-Type = Access-Accept"
| radclient -x localhost:1812 status testing123
Sent Status-Server Id 62 from to length 50
Message-Authenticator = 0x00
FreeRADIUS-Statistics-Type = Authentication
Response-Packet-Type = Access-Accept
Received Access-Accept Id 62 from to length 20

getting no other data back from radius

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