The Unix Radius attributes

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>> Freeradius ships with a dictionary file named dictionary.unix, that contains the following attributes:
> Yes, we know.  There's no need to post configuration files to the list.

   Sorry - I just wanted to illustrate what I mean.

>> Is the goal of this set of attributes to enable a Radius server to send back UID, GID, etc. information for a user that has been authenticated by the
>> RADIUS server? If so, why use FTP in the name of the attributes? I mean, a Radius server will not be able to know whether the users being 
>> authenticated is accessing the target system via FTP, or some other service, right?
>  IIRC, the dictionary was used by some FTP server ~20 years ago.  I don't think it's been used for anything since.

  OK, thanks. What makes this interesting to me is that such attributes are meant to convey UID, GID, home directory and shell name information for the authenticated user to the system on whose behalf the authentication is carried out.

>  And no, the *name* of the attribute is irrelevant.  It doesn't mean anything.

   I am aware of that.  I was just thinking that, without the FTP, using them for purposes other than FTP would be more elegant. They can, of course, be used with the FTP string just the same.

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