Migrating FR3 instance

Ted Hyde (RSI) thyde at rndstudio.com
Fri Nov 1 21:22:30 CET 2019

Greets - I would like to migrate a test platform I have in a VM (FR3 
3.0.12 on Debian 9) to a bare-metal deployment of same, but keep the 
client certificates as used in the VM instance. The bare-metal version 
already has other things installed, including a clean copy of FR3, so 
it's not as easy as simply imaging the appliance back to bare-metal. I 
am using eap-tls auth for a NAS, and wireless clients already have both 
the ca certificate and client certificates installed on them and 
functional. Given that this is a bare-metal install target that still 
has the snakeoil/testing certificates installed, is there a 
preferred/working method to copy the existing certs across and not 
destroy the entire system in the process? I expect I will have to copy 
the .cnf files for some items, but how does the ca structure (since I 
*think* I am also using CA validation in my eap module) get copied over?



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