EAP-TLS and IOS 13 (Updated)

Ted Hyde (RSI) thyde at rndstudio.com
Mon Nov 4 21:41:33 CET 2019

Quick update - IOS versioning strikes again; my *pple guru who lives 
bleeding-edge had a 13.2 pre-release in his kit and what struck me 
strange was that the Mode option in Wifi Security settings was available 
if using the "Other..." wifi setup option, wherein my test ipad (a 
13.1.2 version) it was not. Short story shorter, we did get ios13 
working again, but only on 13.2. any prior version newer than 12.3.2 
(June?) has the missing EAP-TLS syndrome on our ipads.

Unfortunately, looking at my MDM, a lot of my fleet is exactly in that 
range. Is it OS update season again already?

This doesn't make the certificates compatible with *pple's newly 
released constraints; I'm still interested in available knowledge where 
it may exist.



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