disconnect user from internet

Somanath Mishra somanath.mishra at luscious-it.com
Thu Nov 7 14:29:12 CET 2019

Hello Team ,

  I am using freeradius version 2.x . So i want to disconnect user from internet. Long back  i was using command "echo User-Name="135cwer145@@TM109",Framed-IP-Address=""| radclient -x "":1700 disconnect "KSOMAPlus" . It was working fine. Now it is not working for different server same freeradius version , in response ''radclient: no response from server for ID 62 socket 3".

I have tried with both 3799 and 1700 port. both ports are not working for me. So i went through some articles suggesting to create COA virtual server to create. so one doubt is like without COA virtual server we can achieve or not? please help me. Thanks

Kind regards,

Somanath Mishra

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