FreeRadius Auth Method variables

Sep0lkit sep0lkit at
Wed Nov 20 15:01:06 CET 2019

Thanks your reply,
i try to got this variables using run-time variables and  conditional
syntax, but it returns attribute value.

and on eap it auth method in options, so i can't got the inner eap auth

freeradius auth know which auth method returns "known good",  it can set
the auth method variables.

all above is my think, maybe ture.

thanks for your reply agine.

Alan DeKok <aland at> 于2019年11月20日周三 下午8:23写道:

> On Nov 20, 2019, at 4:35 AM, Sep0lkit <sep0lkit at> wrote:
> >
> > I want to log user auth-method(PAP/CHAP/EAP-TLS/EAP-PEAP),  i search the
> > freeradius website and google, but there is nothing.
> >
> > i think this variables is very useful,  may this features add in future?
>   There is no variable which holds the authentication method.
>   The logic is basically this:
>         if User-Password exists
>                 it's PAP
>         else if CHAP-Password exists
>                 then it's CHAP
>         else if MS-CHAP-* attributes exist
>                 then it's MS-CHAP
>         else if EAP-Message exists
>                 then the EAP-Type attribute contains the EAP type
>         else
>                 the packet is likely rejected
>   Alan DeKok.
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