Freeradius 3 Log user calling IP in table

Thu Nov 21 04:28:01 CET 2019

Let me give more details.

When end user connects with the network , he gets IP from the NAS DHCP like
When he connects with the NAS using PPPoE Dialer, he then gets IP from the NAS pool like [public IP], this is Framed-Ip-Address which is logged in radacct table by default.

What we want is to log the end user dhcp IP like into the table (either separate table or additional column named userdhcpip in radacct table

is there any thing we can get this dhcp ip into the table?

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On Nov 20, 2019, at 5:45 AM, JAHANZAIB SYED <aacable at> wrote:
> When any user connects , FR inserts his entry in radacct table with relevant data. We want to additionally log userend calling IP (maybe its called Packet-Src-IP-Address , IP which he gets from the DHCP) in the radacct or in any other table.

  The Packet-Src-IP-Address is the IP address of the RADIUS client.  It's not the users IP address.

  If it's available, the users IP address in in the Framed-IP-Address attribute.

> is it doable ? would appreciate if some tips can be given

  Yes.  The default *is* to log Framed-IP-Address in the radacct table.  You don't need to do anything.

  If it's not being logged there, then the NAS isn't sending it.

  Alan DeKok.

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