FreeRadius and SQL

Olivier CALVANO o.calvano at
Mon Jun 22 06:15:05 CEST 2020


a small question, i use FreeRadius with MariaDB Sql serveur

into my table radgroupreply, i have actually:

id groupname attribute op value
1 Group-Internal-Ftth Service-Type := Framed-User
2 Group-Internal-Ftth Framed-Protocol := PPP
3 Group-Internal-Ftth Tunnel-Type := 3
4 Group-Internal-Ftth Tunnel-Medium-Type := 1
5 Group-Internal-Ftth Tunnel-Client-Auth-Id := POP-
6 Group-Internal-Ftth Tunnel-Server-Auth-Id := POP-
7 Group-Internal-Ftth Tunnel-Server-Endpoint :=

i use only one tunnel server endpoint, i want now add a second server,
what is the good attribute ?
  Tunnel-Server-Endpoint:1 and rename first Tunnel-Server-Endpoint in
   only add  Tunnel-Server-Endpoint:1

thanks for your help

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