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Tue Jun 23 21:07:01 CEST 2020

I need to use some bandwidth control parameters for Huawei Cloud Campus
Agile Controller (HW-Input-Committed-Information-Rate;
HW-Output-Committed-Information-Rate) but I haven't been able to make it

On my dictionary file I set them like this, and RADIUS does not start
ATTRIBUTE       HW-Input-Committed-Information-Rate     26.2    integer
ATTRIBUTE       HW-Output-Committed-Information-Rate    26.5    integer

And when I use other id like this
ATTRIBUTE       HW-Input-Committed-Information-Rate     62    integer
ATTRIBUTE       HW-Output-Committed-Information-Rate    63    integer
My radtest is accurate
Received Access-Accept Id 153 from to length 62
        Session-Timeout = 1800
        HW-Input-Committed-Information-Rate = 1200000
        HW-Output-Committed-Information-Rate = 1200000

But the Attribute Value Pair on a .pcap are not
[image: image.png]

How should I handle these parameters?

I know the vendor id is 2011 and the VSA are established as 26.2 and 26.5
bit I dont know how to implement them.

Thank you so much.
Gracias, quedo atento.
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