Version 3.2.1 has been released

Matthew Newton mcn at
Mon Oct 3 22:52:48 UTC 2022

We have released version 3.2.1.

This is the latest version 3 "feature" release.

There are a number of improvements and bug fixes, see the changelog for 
full details.

As usual, see the web site for release notes and downloads:

Packages are available on the Network RADIUS site:

Rocky Linux 9 packages have been added with this release. Note that 
since Ubuntu 16 is now EOL, packages will be dropped at some point in 
the future; you are encouraged to upgrade.

Docker images have been pushed to Dockerhub.

With this release the Docker "latest" tag now points at version 3.2.1, 
along with the "latest-3.2" tag. For anyone wishing to stay with version 
3.0, please use the "latest-3.0" tag.


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