Version 3.2.3 has been released

Matthew Newton mcn at
Fri May 26 15:48:45 UTC 2023

We have released version 3.2.3. This is the latest stable v3 "feature" 

There are a number of features and bug fixes included in this version. 

- A notable bug occasionally causing connections to stall when using 
RADSEC has been fixed.
- rlm_ldap and rlm_sql now have a "max_retries" option to limit the 
number of connection retries due to failure.
- Several locking issues and small memory leaks fixed.
- A number of dictionary updates, as usual.

as well as several other fixes and updates as shown in the ChangeLog.

Of importance please note:

- Python users

Debian/Ubuntu packages now have "freeradius-python2" and 
"freeradius-python3" packages. Previously the python module was included 
in the main "freeradius" package. If you are upgrading using the Network 
RADIUS packages and use python, please make sure you now also install 
the correct python package for your system. The "freeradius" package 
recommends both new python packages which will hopefully pull them in on 
upgrade, but you should check to be certain.

Previously the python package built depended on the which version of 
python was available by default on the OS, which was e.g. python3 on 
Ubuntu22, but python2 on Debian11 - both options are now available.

- Checkrad

If anyone is still using the "checkrad" script, it is now passed 
NAS-Port-Id when called from SQL simultaneous use, rather than 
"NAS-Port". This fixes the script (the SQL queries always used 
NAS-Port-Id), but may break installations where the an invalid value 
such as 0 was previously passed, and is now the correct string.

Download from all the usual places:

Packages are available from Network RADIUS:

(Note that packages are no longer built for Debian 9 Stretch as it is EoL.)

Docker images are available on Dockerhub:


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