proxy configuration with ldap configuration failed to authenticate

sumi thra sumi.techno at
Wed Aug 10 16:06:06 CEST 2005


I am trying to create an accounting file in my compact flash card
which is mounted on my home directory.

ex : /home/admin/compactflash/

When i send a request for the first time its creating the accounting file under 

/home/admin/coompactflash/ %NAS IP/client file name (with date)

Now im deleting this file ie., the directory under /home/admin/compactflash/

When i send a request for the next time, rlm_detail  gives an error
that : could not open the file
/home/admin/compactflash/previousnasip/client file name?

My doubt is, why is it looking for the previous file name? It should
create a directory if its not existing.. thats what the source code
comments says.

Could you plz give me a solution for my doubt??


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