Release 1.0.5?

Alan DeKok aland at
Sun Aug 21 06:06:19 CEST 2005

Boian Jordanov <bjordanov at> wrote:
> >   rlm_perl: link to global perl interpretor
> > 	fixed by initializing ptr to NULL, and then linking if !NULL
> I moved this check from init_pool to perl_instantiate because i need 
> global interp to create an instance perl interp. (Which is cloned from
> global one) 

  Good.  I wasn't sure if I did it right, and apparently I didn't.

  After looking at the modules, I didn't see many good uses for the
"init" and "destroy" functions.  My thought now is that with a bit of
tweaking in the server core, I can get rid of most modules
"instantiate" and "detach" functions, too.  The other callbacks
(authorized, etc) will work exactly the same, which is a definite
plus. :)

  The reason for this work is that as I wander through the source, I
see repeated patterns of code which can be abstracted.  This makes
less code, less bugs, less ongoing maintenance work, and a more robust

  Alan DeKok.

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