[Openswan dev] Openswan 2.3.1/2.4.0rc1 instability with L2TP

Alan DeKok aland at ox.org
Sun Aug 21 17:23:50 CEST 2005

Norbert Wegener <nw at sbs.de> wrote:
> I can confirm this  behaviour for 2.4.0rc1 with KLIPS and the actual 
> version of freeradius.

  FreeRADIUS uses the Framed-MTU attribute to calculate how much data
to send to the client.  Unfortunately, the calculation is probably a
little wrong.

  In the short term set the "fragment_size" in eap.conf to a smaller
value, and it should work.

  I think a patch for 1.0.5 would be good.

  Alan DeKok.

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