log.c patch

Valts Mazurs valts at datatechlabs.com
Thu Aug 25 10:41:44 CEST 2005

Hello, Freeradius developers!

Since I don't see any reason why we should cut out all the non-latin
characters from freeradius logs I made a tiny patch for log.c.
Some time ago me and Alan had a discussion about this topic. We came to
conclusion that newlines (\n) and carriage returns (\r) should been cut
out (due to security reasons) but not all the other non-latin
characters. I care about tabs because I use them to format debugging
output of my perl scripts (I use rlm_perl). I use also newlines but I
have made a simple workaround in perl scripts. Making workaround for
tabs would be too complicated.
You can find patch (freeradius-1.0.4-log.c-20050803.patch) in the
attachment of this e-mail.

Best regards,
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