Branch 1.1 has been created

Frank Cusack fcusack at
Thu Dec 8 02:37:25 CET 2005

Fresh checkout fails building almost immediately.  Is it me (and if so,
how to fix?) or is the branch screwed up?  This is on FC3 linux.

$ make
gmake[1]: Entering directory `/home/frank/radiusd'
Making all in src...
gmake[2]: Entering directory `/home/frank/radiusd/src'
gmake[3]: Entering directory `/home/frank/radiusd/src'
Making all in include...
gmake[4]: Entering directory `/home/frank/radiusd/src/include'
gmake[4]: Nothing to be done for `all'.
gmake[4]: Leaving directory `/home/frank/radiusd/src/include'
Making all in lib...
gmake[4]: Entering directory `/home/frank/radiusd/src/lib'
-Wshadow -Wpointer-arith -Wcast-qual -Wcast-align -Wwrite-strings -Wstrict-prototypes 
-Wmissing-prototypes -Wmissing-declarations -Wnested-externs -W -Wredundant-decls -Wundef 
-D_LIBRADIUS -I../include  -DHMAC_SHA1_DATA_PROBLEMS -c dict.c -o dict.o
dict.c:152: warning: "struct stat" declared inside parameter list
dict.c:152: warning: its scope is only this definition or declaration, which is probably not what 
you want
dict.c: In function `dict_stat_add':
dict.c:160: error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type
dict.c: In function `dict_stat_check':
dict.c:177: error: storage size of 'buf' isn't known
dict.c:189: warning: implicit declaration of function `stat'
dict.c:189: warning: nested extern declaration of `stat'
dict.c:177: warning: unused variable `buf'
dict.c: At top level:
dict.c:202: warning: no previous prototype for 'dict_free'
dict.c: In function `my_dict_init':
dict.c:850: error: storage size of 'statbuf' isn't known
dict.c:884: warning: nested extern declaration of `stat'
dict.c:189: warning: redundant redeclaration of 'stat'
dict.c:189: warning: previous implicit declaration of 'stat' was here
dict.c:850: warning: unused variable `statbuf'
gmake[4]: *** [dict.o] Error 1
gmake[4]: Leaving directory `/home/frank/radiusd/src/lib'
gmake[3]: *** [common] Error 2
gmake[3]: Leaving directory `/home/frank/radiusd/src'
gmake[2]: *** [all] Error 2
gmake[2]: Leaving directory `/home/frank/radiusd/src'
gmake[1]: *** [common] Error 2
gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/frank/radiusd'
make: *** [all] Error 2


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