Release 1.1.0-pre1 TODO

Nicolas Baradakis nbk at
Wed Dec 14 16:00:39 CET 2005

I've taken some time to back-port the changes I've mentioned earlier,
and I've updated the ChangeLog with everything I found in the CVS logs.

I wonder if there's something else we wish to have in 1.1.0, or if we
can plan to package the version 1.1.0-pre1 in a short time.

The following list is surely very incomplete, but I tried to put
together the remaining things to do.

- update the new version number (1.1.0-pre1) everywhere it's needed.
- update the files under the directories debian/ redhat/ and suse/
- fix for module rlm_otp: module isn't disabled when
  there is no libssl headers, and later the build fails.
- perhaps make rlm_perl stable? I don't know the status of the
  version in branch 1.1
- perhaps back-port the support for "load-balance" stanza? I don't
  know if this implies a lot of changes, or if it's better to keep
  this for version 2.0

Nicolas Baradakis

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