question about concurrent auth packet process.

Liu dejun dejun.liu at
Thu Dec 29 08:45:12 CET 2005

When lots of concurrent auth packets arrived at radius server .by default
,if radius server exceeds the max packet process thread ,it will discard the
auth packet/
see the code below in version 1.0.5

int thread_pool_addrequest(REQUEST *request, RAD_REQUEST_FUNP fun)
     *    If the thread pool is busy handling requests, then
     *    try to spawn another one.
    if (thread_pool.active_threads == thread_pool.total_threads) {
        if (spawn_thread(request->timestamp) == NULL) {
                   "The maximum number of threads (%d) are active, cannot
spawn new thread to handle request",
            return 0;

     *    Add the new request to the queue.
    request_enqueue(request, fun);

    return 1;

why not just add the auth packet to the queue of the thread if the active
thread number exceed the total thread number?

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