SNMP and FreeRadius

Vishwanath Srikant Pattanshetti vspattanshetti at
Thu Dec 29 15:59:44 CET 2005

Hi all

Am using FreeRadius 1.0.4 on solaris 10 and am trying to use snmp for
monitoring the same. I have compiled Radius server with snmp option 

Following is my radiusd.conf:

snmp = yes

$INCLUDE  ${confdir}/snmp.conf


Following is my snmp.conf:

smux_password = verysecret

[This is the only line in snmp.conf that I have un commented.



Now when I do a get on any oid, in RADIUS-AUTH-SERVER mib I get reply
saying no such object exists. 


Can some one tell me where am I going wrong? 

Is there a specific location where I have to keep the mib files??

Also is there a way to find what oid's of a mib are implemented(I guess
entire auth-server mib is implemented)


Any inputs would be of great help, as it is very important and urgent
requirement for me. 


Thanks in advance.



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