dialup_admin: list users and monthly stats

Muenz, Michael linux at leute.server.de
Thu Jul 28 15:39:20 CEST 2005

Hi List,

I've just updated dialup_admin to the current CVS version.
Works great so far, but I'm wondering why user_stats_month.php3
was removed? I've copied from old (CVS) version and edit buttons.
Now it's like the old one.

Second Q: I've read in the Changelog:
* Make pagesize 'all' work again.

That's true, it works, but now all other sizes don't work. Bug?

Not tested the other new features, but seems to be working at all.
I've also added "\#" to preg_replace("/[^\w\.\/\#\@\:\-]/",'',$login);
in conf/config.php3 to allow hash key's in usernames.


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