rlm_accept (New module)

Nikolay P. Romanyuk mag at vtelecom.ru
Wed Nov 2 05:10:22 CET 2005

Hi All!

For your consideration. I wrote small module 'rlm_accept' for post-proxy
section. If home RADIUS return Access-Reject this module change
it to Access-Accept and add attributes from huntgroup/hint/users files.


The code is actually a quick hack, so I will gladly
accept any suggestions or improvements from anyone who cares.

My NAS has local pool Every user has valid fixed
IP address. If users have a negativ account balance, my home RADIUS return
me Access-Reject, rlm_access change it to Access-Accept, add
Framed-IP-Address == (use local NAS pool) and
Session-Time. Framed-Filter-Id...
As a result user may connect to billing system and add money to his
account. In addition, it is possible  redirect all external www-requests
for local pool via WCCP on border gateway to ISP billing www-page.

Best regards,
 Nikolay P. Romanyuk, NR42-RIPE          mailto:mag at vtelecom.ru

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