Making not equals and not match regex's handle multi-value pairs.

Alister Winfield alister.winfield at
Thu Nov 3 17:20:06 CET 2005

Sent this before but I had a mixed up valuepair.c which ment I couldn't
just get a diff ;-(. Now I have found time to unpick the changes to make
a sane copy of valuepair and, therefore, a good looking diff.

Re-iterating the problem... When trying to get a not equals match the
existing code, up to 1.0.5 and probably in the later CVS HEAD, only
notices the first value, which, if it doesn't match returns a true
response. Should you actually have many values for the same attribute
then you may want the test to only return true if none of the values of
that attribute are a match.

To get the effect of finding that a value doesn't appear at all for a
given attribute this patch avoids negative tests and instead does a
positive match and inverts the response at the exit points in the
function as required. BTW. Hopefully this doesn't touch the current
behaviour for anything else certainly my tests suggest its fine. 

This patch looks good for the latest released version 1.0.5.

Alister Winfield.
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