The location of the group files( ../raddb/users/) parsing ??

sumi at
Fri Nov 18 09:27:57 CET 2005

 Could you plz give me some info. about how the free-radius parses the users
file ??
 Which module does it ? can you plz specify the file name ??
 ie., i have a config file : ../raddb/users
 which contains some users & groups associated.
 If the user1 belongs to group1 and does not belong to group2. Now i can
have the access accept list for group1 but how can i reject the user to
group2. Do i need to have a reject entry for group2 ??
 Ex: user1 -> group1 -> accept
 user1 ->group2 -> reject
 But i dont want to have a DEFAULT Auth Type : Reject rather how do we
achive it ?? any idea ??
 Awaiting for ur reply.
 Thank u,

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