Need info about Reply-Message configuration in Access-Reject

Vishwanath Srikant Pattanshetti vspattanshetti at
Wed Nov 23 12:33:07 CET 2005

Hi all


Following is my setup:

I have a FreeRADIUS server (1.0.4) on a solaris machine. 

My clients and users information are stored in Oracle database.


If an Access-request is rejected, it can be for two reasons:

1.	Wrong password.
2.	User does not exist in RADIUS server database.

I want to send appropriate messages in Access-Reject packets, to the

Can some one tell me how can I configure a Reply-Message for an
Access-Reject packet?

I tried putting Reply-Message along with other reply items for a user,
but this configures Reply-Message 

only for Access-Accept message. 


Also when the user does not exist in the database, is there a way I can
add appropriate message using 

Reply-Item to the Access-Reject packet? Or is it not possible with
current FreeRADIUS?


In addition to the above I need to setup an external RADIUS server to
which I need to proxy Access-Requests.

If such an external RADIUS server down, when an Access-Request is
proxied to it, then my primary RADIUS server 

Would need to generate a Access-Reject packet(after retries), is there a
way I can specify a Reply-Item in any such  

Access-Reject packet?? Or is it not possible with current implementation
of FreeRADIUS.


Any quick help would be of great help


Thanks in advance.




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