Alan DeKok aland at
Mon Oct 31 18:20:44 CET 2005

Dimitrios Kalogeras <D.Kalogeras at> wrote:
> Do you know the status of MS-CHAP-v2 within free radius ?

  It works, and has been working for over 5 years now.

>  Is there anyone who has experience with the MS-CHAP-v2 issues ?

  See the source code for debugging.  Other than that, there are few
(if any) mschap issues anyone has run into.

> I am facing an issue of CheckAuthenticatorResponse Failed between a
> cisco client and a freeradious server. Where should I start from ?

  Instrument rlm_mschap to print out what it's doing, and why.

> I have a recorded session between the Radious Server and a Cisco NAS.
> The cisco engineer insists that there is a problem with the S calculation.

  What's an "S calculation"?

  In any case, FreeRADIUS works with *very* MSCHAPv2 implementation on
the planet that I've heard of.

  Perhaps you could try giving more detailed information about the
problem than "stuff doesn't work".

  Alan DEKok.

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