rlm_sqlippool IPR (was: Automatic report from sources (radiusd) between 13.09.2005 - 14.09.2005 GMT)

Ruslan A Dautkhanov rusland at scn.ru
Sat Sep 17 12:26:23 CEST 2005

Hello !

>>> > =====================================================
>>> > Combined list of identical log entries
>>> > =====================================================
>>> > Description:
>>> > Add new SQL IPPool module to tree. Config files to follow
>>> > shortly. The module appears to have been worked on my a number of
>>> > people. Most recent version is thanks to Ruslan A Dautkhanov.
>> Thanks for adding this module, I think it can be useful in a number
>> of cases. However, I didn't see any licence information in the files.
>> Perhaps I'm asking for obvious things because I'm not an expert in
>> legal issues. If this is a module of FreeRADIUS, I think it must be
>> under GPL, but the only information I found in the sources is this
>> line:
>> Copyright 2002  Globe.Net Communications Limited
>> It's unclear for me whether it is a problem with the intellectual
>> property rights. For example, the OpenLDAP project requires that
>> a contribution includes a notice from the author.

> Yep. It is a very usefull module. We are actually in the process of 
> rewriting half of it so that it only needs one copy of itself to server 
> all IP Pools. That should make it scale linearly and mean that FeeRADIUS' 
> config files do not need to be touched to add a new pool. (No reload)
> Cheers
 > -- > Peter Nixon About that copyright: First, initially they make it 
public in year 2002-2003, please search archives... I made many changes 
to this module, main of them is that sqlippool _not_ create different 
pool of sql connections for _each_ configured pool of ip-addresses. 
Second, when I made this patched module available in 2003 on the web for 
public, I also ask confirmation for it, they are agreed, as I know. 
Sorry, but I not have that message already. I think that if they want to 
stay that code incaccessible for public, then they should not post it to 
freeradius-list. But they did. -- Ruslan A Dautkhanov rusland at scn.ru

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