rlm_sqlippool IPR (was: Automatic report from sources (radiusd) between 13.09.2005 - 14.09.2005 GMT)

Ruslan A Dautkhanov rusland at scn.ru
Sun Sep 18 14:51:28 CEST 2005

> > First, initially they make it public in year 2002-2003, please search archives... 
> > I made many changes to this module, main of them is that sqlippool 
> > _not_ create different pool of sql connections for _each_ configured 
> > pool of ip-addresses.

> Yes. This was a good change. My changes go further. They allow only one 
> instance of the module to be configured and it will server ALL IP pools 
> configured at the SQL level so new IP Pools can be added and removed from 
> SQL on the fly and FreeRADIUS never has to be restarted nor configured for 
> them at all. This is also more efficient as there dont need to multiple 
> copies (potentially thousands in my case) of the module running which all 
> return NOOP except for one. On the other hand each request to the module 
> will always result in an SQL query but that is usually a decent tradeoff 
> as if you are using IP Pools then you are probably using them for most if 
> not all of your users..

That is great improvement. After it allocation of IP addresses can be 
configured very flexible and can be changed online, without restarting FR.
BTW, IP addresses can be allocated through default sqlippool, but this
allocated address can be overwrited to "static" one, configured in radreply
Framed-IP-Address attribute for users that need it. We use such technique 
everywhere in our productional RADIUS servers.


Ruslan A Dautkhanov   rusland at scn.ru

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