Thank you Peter!:) Re: Couldn't stop Freeradius server on Debian!!

lmyho lm_yho at
Tue Apr 4 21:00:26 CEST 2006

> The command you gave is not correct!
> Either use the full command that I gave you above, or if you want to run 
> something from the local directory like you are trying to, then use
>    ./freeradius stop
> Just typing "freeradius stop" will use the freeradius binary from your path 
> NOT from the current dir. Type "which freeradius" if you want to see what you 
> are executing currently...
> Like I said, you need to read up a little more on how unix/linux works. Its 
> normal, as a newbie you are not expected to know everything all at once but 
> please DO listen and do what people tell you when they try to help you :-)
Thank you Peter!!
Will listen! Certainly! for my mistake, please excuse.:)  and will ask more help
from all of you!:)

Best regards,

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