patch for building suse rpms for 2.0.0 (cvs 13.04.06)

Markus Krause krause at
Thu Apr 13 15:55:39 CEST 2006

hi developers,

attached you can find a patch which corrects the rpm-spec file for building suse
rpm packages (radiusd/suse/freeradius.spec).
the changes in short:
  * removed/corrected some for _building_ unneeded packages in "BuildRequires"
  * removed some no more existing config files
  * added some not packed config files
  * added directory of header (*.h) files

this patch has been tested on
 * opensuse 10.0
 * suse linux enterprise server 9

the patch has been created by

  diff -ur radiusd freeradius-2.0.0 > suse.patch

where "radiusd" was a direct checkout of todays cvs and "freeradius-2.0.0" is
containing the corrected sources.

the first lines of patch therefor contain a correction in
radiusd/src/lib/Makefile mentioned in an earlier mail, this may of course not
be a necessary change!


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