Alan DeKok aland at nitros9.org
Fri Apr 14 18:39:46 CEST 2006

  I checked in some code yesterday to rlm_files that gets rid of 99.9%
of the linked list walking.  In my tests with 200k entries in a
"users" file, the CPU time goes from large to negligible.

  The code changes are pretty trivial, which is a little surprising.
It's based on the new growable hash functions, so most of the magic is
hidden from the module.

  Is there any need for rlm_fastusers any more?  It was always a bit
of a hack, and with rlm_files being fast now, there doesn't appear to
be much need for rlm_fastusers.  I don't even know if anyone is using

  About the only difference is the reload support.  I think the
solution is to add a "need_reload" entry to each module, or maybe a
"reload".  The idea would be either that on HUP, the module would be
able to say "no files change, I don't need a reload", or the module
would be able to selectively reload the files that have changed.


  Alan DeKok.

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