Post-Auth not called correctly with Access-Challenge requests

Chris Parker cparker at
Mon Apr 17 19:10:43 CEST 2006

This is CVS head as of the 9th.

Seeing an issue with 'post-auth' not being called correctly when an  
Access-Challenge is sent
back to the NAS ( using EAP leap as the authtype ).

If I send a regular 'radtest', post-auth is called, and the request  
is logged.

If I send an EAP test 'eapol_test', post-auth is only called when the  
is sent back, and is not called again when the Access-Accept/Reject  
is sent back.

I'm trying to use the sql module to do post-auth logging, and it's  
only inserting the
Access-Challenges, since it's not being called on the second go-round.

Any thoughts?

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