Suggested feature for rlm_detail: logging only a few specific users

Bjørn Mork bjorn at
Mon Apr 24 18:53:03 CEST 2006

During debugging of production systems, I've often wished there was
some way to enable debugging only for specific users.

The attached patch (against 1.1.x CVS for now) extends rlm_detail with
an optional rlm_files compatible "usersfile" option.  It does not
change the behaviour for existing configurations.  

Usage example:

modules {
        detail debugusers {
                detailfile = "${logdir}/debuglog"
                usersfile = "${raddbdir}/users.debug"
post-auth {
        Post-Auth-Type REJECT {

Where users.debug contains a list of users to debug.  The syntax is
similar to users(5).  It can even contain check-items and DEFAULT
entries (which only makes sense if combined with check items), to
filter the logging even more.

I'm posting this here to get some feedback whether this is a good idea
or if I'm reimplementing something that already exists, or if this
should go into a separate module.



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